In partnership with Northside Hip-Hop Archives, Hip-Hop Habana, University of Toronto

Hip-Hop Diaspora: Archiving & Celebrating 50 Years of the Culture

November 9-11, 2023
Toronto, CA

Hip-Hop Diaspora: Archiving and Celebrating 50 Years of the Culture will focus on how global hip-hop voices collective marginalities through decolonial historiographic efforts and forges lasting people-to-people relations that echo economies of Black teaching (see Givens 2021) beyond US borders.

Our objectives are to examine the following:

– Discursive intersections between diaspora studies, hip-hop archives and the digital humanities.

– Non-institutional hip-hop archives contributions to the critical digital humanities.

– How global knowledge production practices inform our understanding of hip-hop culture’s diaspora and transnational spaces in Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.

– Epistemic tensions in institutional digitization and discoverability processes vis-à-vis local hip-hop knowledge production methods (Herrera Veitia 2023).

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