Think & Do Tanks To Build Upon ResearchTo further investigate, organize, analyze, facilitate and professionalize the field of Hip­-Hop Education, HHEC formed a Think & Do Tank to connect thought leaders and practitioners with emerging and seasoned artists, scholars, educators, administrators, and community leaders. The goal of the HHEC Think & Do Tank is to engage a range of constituencies that are using Hip-Hop for educational purposes and to produce and disseminate research, tools, and best practices to the wider field.

  • Think Tank I: Rollin Deep, Moving Forward: Professionalizing Hip-Hop Education. 2011, Produced in partnership with NYU with support from The Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • Think Tank IILaying the Foundation for Professional and Economic Development of Hip-Hop Education. 2012, Produced in partnership with Columbia University: Teachers College and NYU with support from The Nathan Cummings Foundation
  • Think Tank IIILegacy Building! Cultivating A Global Cypher from the Streets to the Classroom. 2013, Produced in partnership with the Schomburg Center with support from The Nathan Cummings Foundation and The Ford Foundation
  • Think Tank IV: The Fifth Element: The Future and Promise of Hip-Hop Pedagogy. 2017, Produced in partnership with Stanford University