Shiro is a graffiti artist from Japan. Her vibrant imagery reflects her love for the Hip-Hop culture and old school graffiti, revolving around her original character “Mimi”, a dynamic and strong role model of womanhood.

Dividing her time since 1997 between New York and Japan, she brings a Japanese aesthetic to a New York art form which merges into a truly unique style. Her first stay in Queens and Brooklyn was 2002-2004 when she had the opportunity to work with many great graffiti artists who inspired her to develop her own style. She later would take periodic sabbaticals from her work as a nurse specializing in geriatric care to visit and work in New York.

In Japan Shiro has worked with members of the Hip-Hop industry, organizing graffiti shows and live events.
Today she is based in New York, traveling all over the world. A former judo-champion and a lover of motorbikes; she is strong, yet feminine and a living example of her artistic alter-ego. Shiro’s work as a nurse, caring for the elderly and those at the end of their lives has given her an unusual perspective which infuses her artwork, melding compassion and gentleness with the dynamism of the Hip-Hop genre. A little brashness juxtaposed with care. Her motto and the fundamental tenet of her artwork is:
“Love life and live it to the max! We exist RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!”