April Walker is a pioneer in the urban fashion world who set the stage for many of the designers and brands to come after Walker Wear. Straight out of Brooklyn, Walker Wear is a heritage lifestyle fashion brand delivering the 3 F’s, fashion, fit, and function. Also a trailblazer of streetwear fashion category, the brand paved the way for a multi-billion dollar category and continues to lead the way. Focusing on classics with quality, along with delivering exclusive custom and limited edition styles, April Walker has been called “a visionary” among other accolades and numerous publications. She became an entrepreneur at 20-years-old. She knew that owning her business would be her path in life. In 1987 Walker started her clothing store Fashion In Effect out of her home, and in 1988 she opened her first clothing shop on Greene Avenue in Brooklyn. Her clothing line Walker Wear launched in the 1990s. This led her to work with many celebrities such as Biggie, the late Aaliyah, Tupac, Run-DMC, and Snoop Dogg among many others. As a pioneer in the industry Walker successfully ran Walker Wear and she is also CEO of A. Walker Group a consulting firm that works with companies from footwear to fashion. She has relaunched Walker Wear and celebrating the 25th Anniversary.