Chris Rolle, also known as “Kazi“ (a shortened form of “Kharma Kazi“), is a community activist, and rapper. Kazi is founder and co-CEO of One+One Records and a Hip-Hop performer. He is an internationally recognized matchmaker and relationship coach, who is helping his clients to find love and keep it alive. Kazi has been featured on VH1, CBS, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Kazi’s work and inspiring life story is the focus of Bruce Willis + Queen Latifah’s award-winning documentary film, The Hip Hop Project. In 1997, he taught the Media Works Project curriculum to teenagers coming out of Rikers Island prison, and in 1998 he led Art Start’s anti-racism public service announcement (PSA) project, which received coverage from the Bravo cable network in the documentary Fire, Risk and Rhythm. Kazi has been a member of Art Start’s Board of Trustees since 2004.