Dieynaba Sidibé, also known as Zeinixx, is a Senegalese graffiti artist and activist who has emerged as a prominent figure in the male-dominated street art scene. Recognized as one of the pioneers of street art in Senegal, she has utilized this art form as a platform to champion women’s rights and address social and environmental issues.
Dieynaba’s journey into graffiti began in her childhood, driven by a passion for painting. Despite her mother’s aspirations for her to become a doctor, she pursued her artistic ambitions, eventually leaving her studies in management to fully dedicate herself to graffiti. Inspired by a televised encounter with street art, she joined the Senegalese graffiti community and sought guidance from the artist Graffixx, who became her mentor and helped her refine her skills.
As an activist artist, Dieynaba uses her graffiti to advocate for causes that hold personal significance, particularly those related to women. She has participated in various events and festivals on women’s issues at both national and international levels. Her vibrant and impactful murals now adorn numerous walls throughout the Senegalese capital, Dakar.
Dieynaba’s activism extends beyond women’s rights. She has participated in international graffiti festivals and collaborated with other artists to raise awareness about social issues, such as breast cancer and gender-based violence. Her graffiti has also played a role in promoting road safety by highlighting the dangers of speeding.
In addition to her work as a graffiti artist and activist, Dieynaba is involved in other artistic pursuits. She is a slam artist and rapper, often performing in Wolof and French alongside Sall Ngary. Furthermore, she holds a position in communication at the Africulturban association. Recognizing the importance of passing on her art, she established Zeinixx Entertainment, where she organizes visual arts workshops for aspiring young artists.
Dieynaba’s dedication to her craft and activism has earned her recognition and accolades. She was honored with the “Award Makers Muse! Kindle Project’s 2020” in acknowledgment of her artistic contributions. Through her art and advocacy, Dieynaba Sidibé, aka Zeinixx, continues to make a significant impact in the world of street art and beyond.