Epée Hervé Dingong is an international freelance writer from Paris, France. After earning his BA in journalism from CFPJ he went on to become Editor of the French Hip Hop publication Radikal Magazine from 1998-2005. As a staff and freelance writer, he has interviewed artists from all over the world. His work has been published in-print and online, in both US and European publications such as Juice Magazine, Radikal Magazine, Tracklist, The Source Magazine, The Source France, Musique Info Hebdo, Lady Caprice Magazine, The Ave Magazine, Mugshot Magazine, www.daveyd.com, and www.euromight.com. He is the author of Mixtapelogie, a book about the History and Business of the mixtapes in USA, and he is also the co-author of “Mapping Black Europe: Monuments Markers and Memories”.