The Legendary DJ Jazzy Joyce has been in various facets of the Hip Hop industry for over thirty years; her primary role has been a DJ and producer. She started young and was already traveling and performing professionally at the age of thirteen; a pioneer in the making. Her most notable collaborations were “It’s My Beat” which featured Sweet Tee, as well as “Ninth Wonder (Blakitolism)”, the single she worked on with Digable Planets. She was also one of the hosts of “Ladies Night” on Hot 97 for fifteen years as well as a contestant on BET’s “Master of the Mix”. She has several projects that she is working on and promoting. Her passion is not just limited to music, but includes all forms of creative expression. “Need That Rose Gold” is the brainchild of DJ Jazzy Joyce. She hand-paints her emotions on the apparel of your choosing. Jackets, shirts, bags and sneakers; each piece is as unique to her as it is to her client. She has a line of couture T-Shirts as well available on her website. One of her newest ventures focuses on education. She is often asked, “What do you think of today’s talent?” Her reply varies, but typically includes, “If you don’t like the music, create your own.” This may seem like a simple feat to some, but most are oblivious to Hip Hop’s foundation and unaware of how to evolve in an ever-changing market. She has developed a series of workshops, which will focus on various aspects of the industry. The workshops are set to start in the fall, in the Tri-State area; experts in their respective fields speak on their experiences and offer insight.