Maureen Yancey aka Ma Dukes is the mother of the late James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla, who is one of the most prolific artists and producers of Hip Hop, Neo Soul and other genres of music. Producing Grammy-nominated works for Common, The Roots, Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, and Busta Rhymes to name a few. Madukes carries the torch high for her son. Madukes working with Timothy Burnside has assisted in the induction of James Dewitt Yancey into the new Smithsonian African American Museum scheduled to open early 2016. Madukes established the J Dilla Foundation in May 2006 under the guidance of J.Barber and Mannat & Stewart. Madukes works daily beside her Executive spouse Toney Smith and Administrator, Diana Boardley.

J Dilla Foundation: We are leaders in the effort to enhance and participate with programs and organizations that help to develop not only talents but creative, and professional leadership skills that will extend into successful careers. We strive to extend the gift of music appreciation globally as part of a well rounded academic program.