Mama Sol (pronounced Soul) is a poet, teacher, motivational speaker, lyricist, activist and front woman for the Neo/Soul Hip Hop act Mama Sol & Tha N.U.T.S. While sharing the stage such as Mos Def, Destiny Child, Cee-Lo Green and Run DMC just to name a few, Mama Sol has alllowed her positive vibe and hope filled messages to be spread through her music. A visionary in her own right, her ability to see the greatest in everything around her and transform it into and extraordinary message through her dynamic lyrics is simply remarkable. She inspires others to not only embrace leadership, but claim it as their own. Her music and her life is filled with messages of not only the struggle, but also hope – hope for a better future. The Flint, Michigan native is also a breast cancer survivor – something you don’t “survive” without a positive mental attitude. Sol doesn’t mind telling her story to others in hopes that she can educate and inspire – it’s in her nature. Mama Sol’s latest musical release with her band Tha N.U.T.S., ‘Inside Out’ is another dope display of her music with a message. The full-length album features appearances by B. Pace, Johnny Manuel, Arubus, Mumu Fresh, and Stic.Man of Dead Prez.