Nicole Binggeli a.k.a. MISS NICC is a Bgirl and an event coordinator that has worked throughout Europe producing Bboy/Bgirl and Hip-Hop choreography dance events and tours. Together with Asia One, Miss Nicc choreographed and produced an all female dance ensemble called “Evoke” that transcended the range of Bgirling with powerful awe-inspiring movement, grace and style with revolutionary thematic pieces. Miss Nicc is also founder and Artistic Director of Nothing But Flavor Festival, creator of Octogon World Rumble, and Artistic Director at Battle Of The Year Central Europe. Miss Nicc is also the manager of Street Style Lab (SSL) . Established in 2012, the mission of SSL is to preserve, document and teach the origins of street culture while building the future of the movement. The festival provides a space for Hip-Hop pioneers to continue the oral tradition and pass on their knowledge and skills in dance, music and art. It’s a unique context for local and international dancers to learn more about the history of the culture and the styles created and developed in New York City and an incredible opportunity for cultural exchange. Street Style Lab, Representing the core values of Hip Hop: Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun!