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Workshop: Design Your Signature Style With Gianni Lee

Enter the visionary world of Gianni Lee to craft a style all your own. The street, fashion, music, and digital artist will show techniques in Procreate for branding your drawings and designs. Then he’ll share stories from his career and collaborations with host Kimberly Drew….

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Talk: Hip-Hop, A Culture of Change

Join Hip-Hop Education Center (HHEC) and Apple to celebrate 50 years of Hip-Hop and its social impact. HHEC leaders Martha Diaz and Queen Herawin will join social initiatives director Alisha Johnson Wilder to share how lives change with programs like theirs. Apple artist liaison, Prophet…

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Workshop: Create Hip-Hop Beats with Just Blaze

Celebrate 50 years of hip-hop with prominent producer Just Blaze and host Low Key from Apple Music. Discover how Just Blaze developed his signature style sought by the biggest names in the business. You’ll learn the stories behind the music and create your own live…

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Talk: The Creative Process with Estelle, Rapsody and Lola Brooke

Part of the CREATED BY HIP-HOP Series in partnership with Today At Apple, Hip-Hop DNA, and Apple Music. Join a conversation with recording artists Rapsody and Lola Brooke, and host Estelle from Apple Music Radio, to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop. They’ll share songwriting techniques,…

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Partnership with Apple Created By Hip-Hop

We’re excited to announce the upcoming CREATED BY HIP-HOP series in partnership with Today At Apple, Hip-Hop DNA, and Apple Music. Join us to experience electric performances and connect with pioneering producers, DJs, MCs, and artists, who will share their creative process, explore Hip-Hop history,…

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Writer’s Workshop with Armani White

For the past few months, we have been working closely with Today at Apple to offer youth skills-building workshops and motivational programming sessions inspired by Hip-Hop DNA, Apple Music’s four-part episodic series celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop narrated by Ebro Darden. If you have…

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50 Years of Hip-Hop Flyers: Legacy Talk

We’re thrilled to announce a 1-on-1 conversation with Hip Hop Pioneer, Historian and Philanthropist Easy AD Harris of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers and archivist, curator, and Hip Hop Education Center Founder Martha Diaz . Join us for a night of storytelling, rare artifacts, and…

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Want To Learn About Hip-Hop Professions?

Join the Hip Hop Education Center and College and Career Pathways program at the Washington Heights Library in discovering what is possible for you in the world of Hip-Hop-related professions! In this Career Panel, we’ll be joined by professionals who work with Hip-Hop in their…

Hit The Dance Floor NYC Club Life & Hip Hop

Hit The Dance Floor this Friday night at the Lincoln Center Atrium

Presented by The Universal Hip Hop Museum in collaboration with Hip Hop Education Center and Works & Process at the Guggenheim The Universal Hip Hop Museum, scheduled to open a permanent home in the Bronx in 2024, strives to celebrate, preserve, and educate the public…