Hit The Dance Floor this Friday night at the Lincoln Center Atrium

Hit The Dance Floor NYC Club Life & Hip Hop

Presented by The Universal Hip Hop Museum in collaboration with Hip Hop Education Center and Works & Process at the Guggenheim
The Universal Hip Hop Museum, scheduled to open a permanent home in the Bronx in 2024, strives to celebrate, preserve, and educate the public on the local and global phenomenon of hip hop. The Atrium will provide an Upper West Side stage for UHHM in 2022 with a series of shows incorporating three of the key elements of hip hop: rapping, DJing, and dancing. Scheduled during Hip Hop Appreciation Week with guest DJs @djverseti and @therealdj_wiz , this event also stars NYPL Artists-in-Residence Brahms “Bravo” LaFortune, revered club dance legend, and Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie, Bessie Award-winning choreographer and dancer. They preview UnderScored, a reflection on the intergenerational movement conversations integral to NYC’s underground dance community. After the show, make your way to the dance floor for an unforgettable Hip-Hop jam.

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