Through our Scholars Program, we work with Hip Hop pioneers and academics. HHEC supports research, historical documentation, and new pieces of work by scholars who amplify Hip Hop’s history, elements, and innovation. Our visiting scholar program supports international research, scholarship, and community programming projects. Visiting scholars have joined us from Japan, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Ukraine, and France to name a few.

Meet our Scholars
Iona Rozeal Brown
Carlos Rodriguez
Toni Blackman
Sam Seidel
Raedawn Phoenix
Ken Swift
Paradise Gray
Prime Minister Pete Nice

Visiting Scholars

Tahir Hemphill – Bronx, New York
Ruth Daniel – Manchester, England
Monica Amaral – São Paulo, Brazil
Mary Fogarty – Toronto, Canada
John Jennings – Buffalo, New York
Fanon Che Wilkins – Kyoto, Japan
Anna Oravcová – Prague, Czech Republic