Lonnie “Pop Tart” Greene, is a beloved dance icon and public figure, co-founder of BRS Arts Alliance, CEO of Tart Productions, and founder of The Strutter’s Room, international pioneer and A-list Strutter Lonnie “The Fillmore Kid” Green, hosts The Annual International Strutter’s Room Master Camp for dancers ever year all over the world looking to absorb this information directly from the source – in the very community that pioneered the 1970’s style of dance that can only be called one thing: Strutting. is from San Francisco California, born 12/11/67. Started dancing in Fillmore, where the strutting scene was built from 75′ on up, he is known for embodying Strutting and Hip Hop styles, and as one of the first Strutters to make it to MTV, BET, and VH1 programming and music videos. Pop-Tart was featured in a 2006 collaborative strutting an popping project called, “P-T 3000: Path through 3000.” He continues to  influence community and share knowledge with new generation of dancers in the West Coast and beyond.