Transforming her childhood affinity for music into a mainstream career, DJ Diamond Kuts is pioneering her way through the music industry. Not only is she the first and only female mixer to have a slot on Philadelphia radio, she continues to create immense professional success through television shows, print and digital advertisement and touring with headlining artists like Chris Brown and Young Money’s Nicki Minaj. Though her love of music began at home DJ Diamond Kuts (born Tina Dunham), gained the shine behind her name in the streets, “I started to get my buzz by dropping mixtapes when I was in school”. A gutsy move for a young girl in a male dominated industry but it worked, and her mixtape hustle heightened her exposure attracting opportunities to DJ all throughout Philadelphia nightclubs. She is now the official DJ for three radio slots; Philly’s number one morning show on Power 99 and also Friday nights at 8pm and Saturday nights from 9pm to 2am. She has recently been added to BET’s new Hip-Hop show, ‘The Deal’ and featured in the Source, XXL and Hype Hair magazines. She has also made appearances on 106 & Park and Spring Bling, both of BET. Most notably, Kuts is the face of a Crush Soda campaign for print and radio that’s broadcasted throughout Philadelphia. When asked about her success as a female DJ, she replies, “I want to be a good DJ, period. A lot of female DJs are satisfied just being called a female DJ but, I want to do the same things the guys are doing. I want syndication. I want to release my compilation album; I don’t want to be a local DJ. I’m willing to learn what I have to do to get out of the city and be bigger than that.” She continues to break new ground in a male-driven industry regionally, nationally and globally. She’s building more than a career, DJ Diamond Kuts is crafting a well-respected legacy that’s echoing far beyond the airwaves.