Born and raised in the South Bronx, legendary b-girl Honey Rockwell began gymnastics and dancing at the Bronx Academy of Dance at the age of 7. In her teen years, she excelled, competing in high school and club gymnastics and placing in competitions nationwide. In 1994, she began b-girling and has been a practitioner of this foundational Hip Hop dance form ever since!
Honey’s first influence was fellow dancer, Louie “New Wave” (RIP) who encouraged her to bring her skills as a gymnast to the art form of breaking. He eventually introduced her to the Hip Hop dance pioneers and legends of GhettOriginal Productions who would also become her mentors.
She was invited to perform in their legendary Hip Hop off-Broadway musical “Jam on the Groove”, which debuted in NYC and went on to tour nationally and internationally. She has also been featured performer in “Madhattan” a Hip Hop theater production based in Las Vegas. Rockwell appeared in the movie “Mannequin 2” and has been a guest on the Sharon Osbourne Show. She performed on MTV’s New Year’s Eve 2000 and at the Vh1 Fashion Awards with Cuba Gooding Jr and Kid Rock. She was an active member of both The Rock Steady Crew and Seven Gems.