Jeff Wallman is a cultural preservation leader. Trained by the legendary scholar and Library of Congress director E. Gene Smith, Jeff led the Buddhist Digital Resource Center on its global effort to preserve and make available endangered Buddhist manuscripts and woodblock prints, creating the largest digital library in the world of Buddhist literature. Jeff’s technology work draws from a wide range of technologies from library and information science, digital asset management, semantic web, ontologies, search engine development, linked open data, web development, user experience, and multi-language resource development. Joining technology and organizational leadership, Jeff has extensive experience in board development, strategy and fundraising that advance cultural organizations. He is the founder of the program Digitizing, Archiving and Making Accessible the National Library of Mongolia, founder of the Fragile Palm Leaves Preservation program, founder and architect of the Harvard Digital Repository Service program for Long-Term Preservation of Tibetan Texts, and founder of the Sanskrit and Chinese Buddhist Library Network. Jeff is thrilled to advance the work of the Hip-Hop Education Center as a powerful nexus of information, education, and empowerment for women and youth.