Marisol Vargas is 1st generation Mexican-American, a descendant of a hard-working family whose biggest dream was to provide an opportunity for growth, success & a bright future. And that’s what she sought out to do while making a difference in the community and tapping into her passions that fuel her mission. Marisol’s inspiration is drawn from everyday elements weaved into music, art, fashion, and culture within various countries she’s visited, studied at, and worked in. Her repertoire includes 12+ years of Marketing and Advertising experience for international, multi-billion corporations where she has proven to exude a pioneering spirit. She specializes in spearheading omni-channel marketing initiatives in customer experience, technology, media & data-driven intelligence to create business solutions, with a focus on identifying growth opportunities all while developing C-level trusted advisor relationships. Marisol is recognized as a socioeconomic project leader in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for her volunteer work that empowered local communities through educational literacy projects. She also collaborated on a high-profile documentary featuring Hip-Hop Legend, Tupac Shakur.