Whether as an MC, vocalist, songwriter, producer, director, arranger, educator, or activist, Danielle “Queen D.” Scott is sure to come correct.
At a young age, Scott discovered her true creative identity in the expression of hip-hop. Between classical piano lessons and dreams of becoming an author of fiction, she found hip-hop was the perfect blend of her passion for music and storytelling. The music of Queen Latifah and the Notorious B.I.G. influenced her, and she took her first formal hip-hop class at Berklee College of Music as a part of its pioneer Hip-Hop Jazz Ensemble, making her the college’s first female MC. She later taught that class as well as Hip-Hop Writing and Production. Although Scott always has recognized the power of words and music, it was through her students that she saw their true impact, inspiring her to use hip-hop as social commentary, to volunteer, to teach media literacy workshops, and to seek performance opportunities with various nonprofits.
Scott resides in the Boston area and is an assistant professor at the college. She is in the studio working on a new project as she continues her mission to change the world through hip-hop.