Hip-Hop Education Center

A 21st Century Communiversity

Re-Imagining Teaching and Learning

The Hip-Hop Education Center aims to be a centralized online social network, learning and information exchange, and archival management system offering the infrastructure, tools, and social impact to transform how we think about teaching and learning, education and schooling, academic scholars and public intellectuals.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for the hip-hop and education field through the operation of a Communiversity — whereby the community and university come together to develop an alternative educational space that utilizes hip-hop culture as an interdisciplinary teaching tool of essential life skills, all of which supports the emotional, physical, creative, cognitive and civic development of young people, in an effort to transform their lives and communities.

Introducing Educational Tools

For the 21st Century Hip-Hop Education Classroom
Course Curriculum, Groups and Forums, Accessible For the Social Student.

Get students involved, engaged and interacting in interesting Hip-Hop Education curriculum.

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The Hip-Hop Communiversity

Tools for Social Learning and Engagement